Who is Ayesha Saif ur Rehman Profile Photos and Bio

Who is Ayesha Saif ur Rehman Profile Photos and Bio

Is Ayesha Saif ur Rehman daughter of Saif ur Rehman, who was companion of Nawaz Sharif during the 90s and was heading accountability bureau which interestingly enough has become NAB these days and has been at the throat of ex-Prime Minister and his family.

junaid safdar wife photo

junaid safdar wife photo

ayesha saif ur rehman latest photo

Ayesha Saif and Junaid Safdar know each other for sometime and have grown up together because their families have been on very close terms. This is a love marriage as well as an arranged marriage because it involves the consent of elders of both families. The families are quite happy to tie this knot as this will strengthen their familial relationships plus will also grown the financial interest of both tycoons world over. Former NAB chairman Saifur Rehman’s daughter is Junaid Safdar wife which is the news of the day.

ayesha saif junaid safdar wedding photos and video

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, mother of Junaid Safdar and mother-in-law of Ayesha Saif posted following message on multiple social media platforms:

My son Junaid’s nikah with Ayesha Saif-ur-Rahman Khan will take place in London on 22nd August Insha’Allah. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the ceremony owing to blatant victimisation, bogus cases and my name on ECL. I was in jail when my beloved mother passed away and now I won’t be able to share my son’s happiness, but, I will NOT make any request to this government for travel abroad. I leave the matter to Almighty Allah.
We congratulate both families on this great occasion.
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  1. Mian Raheel Ayyaz | August 12, 2021 at 7:56 am | Reply

    nice and welldone tie knot and happy wed life Mobrick go with you parents and grandfather

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