Why StakeCube Failed to Handle TenUp Liquidity Pressure?

Why StakeCube Failed to Handle TenUp Liquidity Pressure

This means the buy sell orders will not execute which are already placed and market will not have impact of any volume buying and selling. Tup has a bright future I guess but I don’t where to buy Waqar Zak’s is on the back of tup soo that’s why we should buy this coin immediately.

Dear stakecube right now ( Tenup community )is just practicing dance for a big party and exchange became overloaded in just dance practice. In simple words (Pakistani’s break the ceiling). Dear other exchanges keep yourself ready for the power of TENUP community. On August 06 , 2021 Tenup Going To Burn 10 Million Coin.Remaining Percentage Will Be Burned In The Coming Few Days.

I hope on 14August it will be a profitable Treat for Tenup holders Insha’Allah. what should we do , right now. we can’t even buy from stakecube. STEX verification System is just like hell in a cell. If Tenup will list after 14 of August. We’ll miss the train. TenUp is a blockchain-powered global micro-finance platform led by Waqar Zaka , an award-winning humanitarian, refugee activist, and celebrity television host.

Sir my deposits from binance done successfully but in stakecube they are not showing my balance.. wht to do i want to buy becoze it vll fly away from my buying range. I faced the same problems. Just go to the support on discord and open a ticket. They Will fix tour problem. I am buying this to support our token and for sure I will ask everyone in my circle to buy it. Thanks. As we promised we have burned 10 Million TUPs equivalent to 1.4 Million $ of Worth.Remaining Percentage will be burned soon.

Bhai want to invest 5 thousand usd in tenup for 1 year. Is this right decision? Please need your guidance. The purpose is not only to get profit but also supporting the project. No customer service at all trying to contact with tenup from last many weeks nobody responded back email/facebook/twitter/insta not a single reply. I believe that if they want people of Pakistan to take them seriously then they need to improve their customer service.


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  1. Why is tenup’s value not increasing on stake cube its trading graph doesn’t even show that its price has gone above 0.0000111btc why is that plz guide me through this….

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