Profile Family and Bio of Justice Ayesha Malik of Pakistan

profile and bio of justice ayesha malik

Here is the complete profile and bio of Justice Ayesha Malik of Pakistan , who will be the first ever female Supreme court judge. I thought that Justice Fakhur Nisa Khokar might become the first judge in Apex court of Pakistan but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to various reasons but now Justice Ayesha Malik is here.

I really do hope that one day Justice Ayesha Malik will become Chief Justice of Pakistan and hopefully very much unlike Saqib Nisar. First female judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Ayesha A. Malik has once again shown the bright side of Pakistan. For some reason that reminds me of Benazir Bhutto who was the first ever female Prime Minister of Pakistan. We didn’t do too well with her and I hope that we don’t repeat the same misogynistic behavior with the Apex judge Ayesha.

This is indeed a matter of pride for all the Pakistanis. I’m confident that the honorable Justice Ayesha Malik will be a progressive, sage, tolerant, pro constitutionalism & deliberative democracy, & rights promoting & protecting voice in the Supreme Court. Need many more women on the bench for sure. 

According to Dawn, Justice Ayesha Malik completed her basic education from schools in Paris and New York and did her senior Cambridge from Karachi Grammar School. She did her A-Levels from Francis Holland School for Girls in London. She studied law at the Pakistan College of Law, Lahore. She went on to do her LLB from the Harvard Law School Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, where she was named a London H. Gammon Fellow 1998-1999 for the outstanding merit.

Justice Ayesha is quite an active judge and has done lots of non profit work for charities and NGOs. Her major focus is on poverty alleviation, microfinance programs and skills training. She is also quite enthusiastic about the women rights and has worked a lot in those sectors. She has also been a teacher at Herman Meiner School in Lahore. I also know few of her students of banking law in University of Punjab, Department of Masters of Business and Information Technology and they say all the good things about her.

I also liked the fact that she was an associate of dear departed Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim and Co, Karachi, from 1997 to 2001 and she helped him a lot. We wish all the best to the honorable justice Ayesha Malik.

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  1. Nizamuddin Ahmad Aali | January 8, 2022 at 4:13 am | Reply

    Today is a good day for Pakistan and one step closer to Jinnah’s Pakistan and equality of women right. Thanks to the voting members. Congratulations to Justice Malik and her family.

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