Who is Abida of Shimshal and What Happened to Her

Who is Abida of Shimshal and What Happened to Her

Who is Abida of Shimshal and what happened to her. The story is gruesome and very heart-breaking as usual. Yet another week and yet another girl in Pakistan has been the victim of domestic violence and that to the extreme in a brutal fashion.

Abida was brutally murdered by her in-laws only after six months of her marriage in Shimshal. Her inlaws are powerful people & are trying to get away with the case. Today the murderers got bail & are roaming free. Why such cases are increasing. is there any common reason. its very modern, educated and peaceful society , whats the reason such cases are booming with every passing day. These culprits have no fear of retribution and they think that it’s their duty to perform this crime.

With modernity complexity also flow in, the woman has been killed for an extra martial affair as per initial investigation, though any murder is not justifiable but it’s better to marry the man rather running an extra martial affair. This ends lives in our society, FYI. If this is the case then the punishment for the both girl and boy involved in extra marital affair. why girl only have to suffer. i mean this is disgusting. whatever the merit one has for justice should be applied equally.

Faces of the murderers! How can any woman feel safe knowing there are murderers walking freely. Shame on the people who are trying to blame the victim instead of the murderers and trying to legitimize and justify murder This is yet another test case for the Pakistan just like Noor Muqqaddam. A strong family system is the need of hour and is against the interest of nation which will protect our daughters and mothers. We need strict implementation of the laws.

If we do not follow the teachings of Islam, we will fail in this world and in the hereafter. The conservative person in the street and the mullah in mosque is absolutely spot on, desi liberals also have their say, fact is “as long as u deviate from.basic Islamic teachings, u would continue experiencing such traumas

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