Travelogue by Razi Azmi : A World Unveiled

travelogue by razi azmi



A World Unveiled captures Razi Azmi’s many journeys spanning decades across Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Russia, all undertaken with something approaching religious zeal. This is a compelling travelogue with many elements: personal stories, adventures, social encounters, historical facts, geographical descriptions, anecdotes and more. The author shares not just his passion for travel and the thrill of his journeys but also the frustrations and annoyances that inevitably accompany the intrepid traveller: moments of ecstasy and excitement interspersed with frustrations, dangers and vagaries of visas. As Razi Azmi describes his fascinating trips in A World Unveiled, he seems to take you along with him to his numerous destinations.


Bookshops stocking Dr. Razi Azmi’s travelogue: “A World Unveiled; Joys & Jitters of Many Journeys”:
Liberty Books, Karachi (they have multiple outlets throughout the city)
(1) Anees Book Corner, Main Market Gulberg
(2) Iqbal Book Corner, Gulberg
(3) READINGS, Gulberg
(4) Books n Beans, Gurumangat Road
(5) Ilami Book Depo, Urdu Bazar
(6) Defence Book Store, H Block, DHA
(7) The Last Word, Z Block, DHA, Lahore
(8) Allied Book Co, The Mall, Lahore
(1) Saeed Book Bank, Islamabad
(2) Mr. Books, Islamabad
Gosha e Adab, Quetta
Kitab Koor, Peshawar
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