e-Taxi in Pakistan Price Location and Charging Station

e-taxi in pakistan price and booking

Electric cars are the new norm and the future. Soon the petrol and diesel cars will be thing of past and we will have these electrical cars and electrical taxis running from one corner of the country to another. Charging stations for these electric cars are being planned across the nation. Booking for e-taxis is also underway.

In Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and Northern areas they are already present. Good initiative but with the wrong car that is Nissan Leaf old generation. I was involved with his ill-fated initiative in Bhutan under their PMs scheme but it failed miserably as the range of 100Km per charge on a hilly terrain did not prove to be enough and the drivers also started venturing out too far not realising the inadequate charging infrastructure. We had a major issue with driver owners. Hope we don’t have the same issue in Islamabad. Well done anyway.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Climate Change of Pakistan Malik Amin Aslam launched country’s first e-Taxi for northern areas as a part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for Clean Green Pakistan. Every day you are saying to launch new electric machinery in the country. But here we don’t have electricity for our basic use, some times it’s difficult to recharge mobile. How ll we recharge electrical vehicles? Amin Aslam said that there would be Rs12,000 budget savings for the e-taxi driver. Shifting to e-taxi will cut Pakistan’s oil import by Rs2 billion, Aslam said, adding that the initiative will also provide economic benefits to drivers.

“I congratulate Sapphire Group and Faisal Movers for their joint initiative, as they are embracing the future in the field of advanced mobility and sustainable growth,” he said while addressing the launching ceremony of the first-ever electric vehicles’ services being introduced as taxis in the hilly terrain of Northern areas through a joint venture between Sapphire Group and Faisal Movers. An engineer associated with the private company that manufactured the e-taxi said that the e-taxi could go up to 250km easily with full battery charging. Special Appreciation to Sapphire Group and Faisal Movers for their efforts.

It’s high time that we devise a national policy to encourage the electrical vehicles and government should give more subsidy on them. 

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