Video of TLP Worker Breaking Ranjit Singh Statue Lahore Fort

Video of TLP Worker Breaking Ranjit Singh Statue Lahore Fort

TLP worker pulling down Ranjit Singh’s statue at the Lahore Fort. The statue had previously been vandalized by TLP workers on at least two different occasions in the past. Meet Punjabi Taliban. The shifting tectonic plates in Kabul – early jolts felt in Lahore.

This happened before also in Lahore. That chap just got exited by happenings in Kabul .. Pak army is resourceful enough to turn tap off them when required. It is, until it isn’t.. Anyway, this is their time to celebrate. Let’s not rain on the parade. By demolishing statues history won’t change.

Very very sad to see the vandalism and total disrespect of the great ruler of Punjab. Sad. Could shed tears of ire. But I escape in satire. Let there by monthly statue demolition competitions of such zealous backpackers. Statues should of lead & not cardboard. After they have sweated it out all day e-tag them. If any more vandalism till next event take backpacks away.

Where is Taliban Khan? He preaches much about the riyasat madina and what is going on under his nose. This will help in scaring the minorities. Pakistan can not develop with this type of attitude. Pakistan is under self destruction mode. When such miscreants aren’t stopped and stern legal action isn’t taken against them they end up turning into a disaster for the society.


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