Video of Ayesha in Minar e Pakistan Lahore Incident

Video of Ayesha in Minar e Pakistan Lahore Incident

I always carry a little pocket scissors. Everybody asks “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?” And I’d reply “koi tang kre tou mar du gi use.” Today I ask myself, “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?” Shame on “Brutal Animals” because who do such immoral act are not men!!May the punishment of Allah descend upon those monsters.

While assaulting a woman at Minar e Pakistan, the hundreds of men involved filmed themselves. Thanks to to the abundance of video evidence, can we expect over 400 arrests to be made in Lahore without delay? We must otherwise it will repeat again and again. Unfortunately, I dont think concrete actions will follow FIR, societal fabric is on a verge of extinction and it’s the majority failing the nation.

They will arrest after months and some people who are above the laws never got arrest, after that for a month judges will send them in remands and it will take whole year and some people bailed out, we need to change our judicial system if we don’t want more incident like this. well if u wish 4 million that can be also. But how can u will differentiate who is saving or who is harassing. situated is very complicated. But i have solution.

On this day we celebrate our freedom day. Freedom of assaulting & harassing chanting “Hum zinda qom hen”. I really do hope every culprit is arrested but just to be honest, even the police here in London wouldn’t ever be able to catch anyone based on their face and no finger print, I wonder if Pakistani police with less resources and capability would be able to.

why you should not take strict action against all these rapist . M khud ek lrki ho or Lahore phrti ho yakeen jany ghr sa Niklty dr lgta h Ya Allah madad farma or hamary PM ko hidiat dy KY wo kuvh krskyn . Plz khudara khudara Kuvh kro in SB KY khilaf .


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