Ayesha Akram Prank on Minar e Pakistan Video with Fiance

Ayesha Akram Prank on Minar e Pakistan Video with Fiance

Lemme tell you few things After watching this video and after checking her tiktok. The person who was covering her is her fiance. She is a tiktoker and this was a collaboration of her with fans. This was happened when her fans tried to met her.

This is getting out of hand really. Pakistani girls on Tiktok are doing everything to gain fame.

Few more things:
•Her name is Ayesha Akram
•There are many video circulating on internet of this incident in which we can clearly see the faces of all culprits
•Her fans start harassing her in the beginning of collaboration!
•She tried to go away but her fans stopped her

•This is a first video of victim and her fiance after the incident happened in Lahore!
•They publicly upload this video
•They went there just to met their fans this was a collaboration!
•He cleared that this was a collaboration with her fans!
•But her fans harassed her!

She called all of them there with her TikTok account. So she was part of the problem then, she allures them in Social Media, ask them to come meet her, and then this happens. Now it makes sense.

I have a questions:

  • How can huge crowd of boys can go inside family places on such occasion?
  • Three hours and no one reach there and save the girl?
  • Who organized this event or collaboration on this occasion?
  • how can one alone girl go inside huge crowd of idiots?

Food for thought.

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  1. Haaaaaaan toh matlab rap kardo na. Good yar. Kia soch hai tumhari bdsk

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