Yasir Shami Scandal with Ayesha Akram and Iqrar ul Hassan

Yasir Shami Scandal with Ayesha Akram and Iqrar ul Hassan

Yasir Shami Scandal with Ayesha Akram and Iqrar ul Hassan as new facts are appearing that the whole minar e Pakistan incident was staged. It was done with the consent of girl as she has invited her tiktok friends to come over to greater Iqbal Park and then she staged it all.

How come Iqrar ul Hassan reached to girl’s place in middle of night even before the main media got the whiff of the news? How come girl was on TikTok  back again few hours later the incident and was all smiling and happy? When 400 men are involved and you don’t even get a scratch then it really begs so many questions. It seems the blatant and shameless exploitation of Pakistani ethos and it seems that Iqrar ul Hassan and Yasir Shami were accomplice too in this whole drama.

Canadian Rosie Gabrielle was also a woman. The whole of Pakistan has gone around alone. People fixed the free bike where the was not taken. People gave free accommodation in their homes. 400. Didn’t anyone in the whole country saw it with a bad eye. People who were deciding to leave Pakistan after this are standing outside of nadra to get their NIC back. The incident that happened on 14 August is truly condemnable and shameful. But the other side of story seems more horrible. Respect & dignity is more preferable than sasta fame.

Alone girl on her motorbike traveling the whole country without even knowing it’s national Language and she’s still safe Pakistani people helped her whenever she needed. So before talking shit about My country Do some homework. I wanna tell the world that my Pakistan is safe for everyone. By defaming all men and most importantly our Pakistan on 14th August she should be taken to zero followers so next time any anyone will think 1000 times.

Don’t blame and defame Pakistan for your ratings and viewership and followership. Pakistan is my Pride. Pakistan is my Passion. Pakistan is my Identity. Pakistan is my color. Pakistan is my heart n Soul.Pakistan is my Love. Drop scene of Lahore incident drama, directed by Yasir Shami, produced by Iqrar ul Hassan and acted by Ayesha Akram. Why did the girl give the interview at Yasir Shami’s house in the middle of the night? Someone tell me. How come these anchors go to the Ayesha Akram house in the middle of the night or is she invited to their own house? We are getting confused and really baffled.

Both of these anchors should be arrested for anti state agenda and defaming entire men community with out any evidences where that girl is constantly giving false evidences in the case and ditching proper investigation. Prophet S. A. W repeated “take care of woman thrice with tears in his eyes”. Shame in being a Pakistani where evan a disable kid is not save “O Allah provide us with guidance”.


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