Who is Major Danish and Viral Video on Twitter

who is major danish and his viral video on twitter

I normally ignore such posts on the social media and don’t really bother about them but this is too much and when I see our common Pakistanis falling for the propaganda, it pains me to a great extent. So who is Major Danish and viral video on twitter scandal? Well its nothing. It’s fake and a made up story.

Anyone can wear a jersey and uniform and stay posing as major danish or captain danish and then posting videos which are blurred, uncut and fully far from the reality. I have no qualms and confusion to believe that this is just a propaganda tool to malign the good name of Pakistan and its armed forces. Unlike others I won’t say that the exiled or corrupt politicians of Pakistan behind it because no Pakistanis can stoop that low. I am more than sure that this is the nefarious fifth warfare generation at work.

Only those people can stoop to that low and make up such filth. The mujahids of Pakistan army are not really that idiot and they are not that sinner. They know their limits and they know how to behave socially in Pakistan. I am not against anyone’s orientations, but then there is limit to the propaganda and then there is limit to what people are saying. We must make sure that we remain strong with each other and make sure that we don’t fall for the fake and false news.

Ex president of United States Donald Trump was bang on target and right when he targeted the fake news and false propaganda. You might disagree with him for lots of things but his take on this matter was right and that is why the whole US media and international media was against him and no one was willing to give him his due share. That same attitude we see from the Pakistani leader whose words twisted by everyone and then media starts bashing and and maligning.

It’s high time that we stand together with our forces.

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