Who is Asadullah and What Happened to Him in Peshawar

Who is Asadullah and What Happened to Him in Peshawar

Asadullah is brutally killed by robbers in Peshawar. He was the only brother to three sisters and was only earning hand of his family. Lets make some more noise for Justice to prevail. So who is Asadullah and what happened to him in Peshawar city of Northwestern Pakistan?

This is 24 years old Asadullah who was a driver in InDrive. On 7th of sept he was found dead brutally in Peshawar after his ride. He was the only brother of 3 sisters and only earning hand of family. We demand justice from Pakistani government of province KP and also from the federal government for this brutality.

His father died of a heart attack and he was the sole breadwinner of his family. Now a mother has lost her 24-year-old son to this gruesome crime. He was found murdered on ring road, Peshawar. His only fault was that he went out to earn the livelihood of his family. Three accused booked a vehicle in the form of passengers and took it to Peshawar they brutally killed the driver of the vehicle and snatched the vehicle and fled. The slain young man was the only support of his widowed mother.

Following is true account of what happened to Asadullah on that night:

One of my closest friend Asad has taken a ride from Bahria town to Peshawar at 11:25 pm on 5th of September which includes 3 boys who booked the ride. He was continuously in touch with one of his friend around 3:30 am his phone was switched off his family had tried to contact him but there was no response in a result they all his family and friends went out to find him and complaint a report about his missing. After a full day finding him on different places on 7th of September police find him on ring road, Peshawar. But its not end yet police find him covered in his own blood those who booked the ride have brutally murdered him. He was the only brother of three sisters. His father suddenly died due to heart attack 3 years back he was the only one supporting his family. A question How many more? A mother has lost his 24 years young son!Now who is answerable? We need justice and we’ll fight for it until justice is being served.

This isn’t the First time someone of Online Taxi Driver got killed.

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