Who is Hamza Afridi and Om Prakash Mishra? Real Story

who is hamza afridi and om prakash mishra

The real and factual story about Hamza Afridi and Om Prakash Mishra is out at last. One wonders how much low they could stoop. India found involved in the conspiracy.The Mobile device 4m which the threat’s launched in India in Aug2019&became active on Sep25 through which a man named Om Prakash Mishra created a fake Id named Hamza Afridi 4m Mumbai&located in Singapore via VPN threatened.

All IDs were made using the names of Indian actors and celebrities. Only the name Hamza Afridi is different to show that this email was generated from Pakistan. “His name was used deliberately to show that a terrorist threat is present in Pakistan.” Same device had 13 other IDs, majority of which were Indian names, adding that only the name Hamza Afridi is different, to show that email was generated from Pak. Device had been identified as Omprakash Mishra 4m Maharashtra, India.

Indian conspiracy exposed. New Zealand cricket team’s Martin Guptill’s wife was threatened by email. The e-mail was sent from India and threatened in the name of Hamza Afridi.VPN emailed from India and Om Prakash Mishra operated e-mail address from Mumbai. Shame on Indians anti cricket policies-fake ID with Hamza Afridi name was generated from India using Singapore location (fake) to threat NZ team. At same time Kiwis government now owes an apology. ICC must also come hard on anti cricket acts of India.

The Email ID used to launch the terror threat was India’s ID. The phone on which the ID was used has 13 more IDs in the name of Indian films and dramas. The device and the SIM used are also Indian products. India is involved in cancel the tour of New Zealand cricket team to Pakistan. A fake ID was create in the name of Hamza Afridi but his real name is Om Prakash Mishra who is a resident of Endia.A threat email was also sent to Martin Guptill wife. Fawad chaudhry.

On September 17, an email ID was created on Gmail in the name of Hamza Afridi, Fawad Chaudhry 15 minutes after creating email id, threatening message sent to New Zealand team: Fawad Chaudhry. The name of the sender of this e-mail is “Hamza Afridi” written on his e-mail. So the same thing happened with this fake “Hamza Afridi” ID – Free was rubbed and all his location and information was traced and it was found out that this “Hamza” brother runs a total of 13 fake IDs on his device.


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