ami g ami g Viral Video Full Uncut Girl Speaks Out

ami g ami g viral video leaked latest

ami g ami g Viral Video Full Uncut Girl Speaks Out as what really happened that night and who leaked the video and how it reached the social media. This girl from a village in remote Punjab has now taken it to the social media and she is telling everyone about it.

The private video which got leaked  on Facebook first and then to the Twitter is now making rounds for many many months in Pakistan and across the globe.  ami g ami g has literally become a meme in Pakistan in an audio format. Seems quite funny though and especially the Urdu dialogue is really taking it to the new level of humor. I am not making fun of their relationship but really the girl says that it’s just the way she speaks and why that night should have been different.

Most of the people think that the video was released or leaked on purpose with the consent of girl and the boy as they were just after cheap fame. Some say that there is voice over dubbing in the leaked video and it’s just a fun thing which some guy has done to make it more viral and popular. This video is now found on many international websites too and now the girl and boy are claiming copyrights as they think that there video should make them some money and also they should get some royalty.

Anyway with the advent of Tiktok, Instagram, and other such platforms more and more girls in Pakistan in all the cities and towns are making such videos just to get more eye-balls and also to earn money from it. These girls think that this could make them rich overnight and they won’t have to work. They also think that no one from their family would watch it, especially the ones from the backward areas. How mistaken they are and then they cannot sustain the fallback.

That is why online education and especially about the peril of social media must be taught to the youth of Pakistan especially the girls. Now with the decentralized economy in the form of blockchain and crypto, distribution of such material has become easier and anonymous which adds to the complexity of governing and controlling the illicit material. Government is still clueless as how to control it but there must be some regulation around it as we cannot just shut out eyes and pretend all is good.

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