Nisar Khuhro Slams Imran Khan Regarding Treatment to Sindh

MITHI: Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the provincial president of PPP Sindh chapter has warned Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop biased and venomous policies and plans towards Sindh and its elected government adding he observed that the Sindh which had created Pakistan should not be meted out with step motherly treatment by imprudent rulers.

The senior PPP leader said that every saner element having interest in politics and serving the people in real manner was joining their party adding he said that PPP and under the dynamic leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was the only party, which could steer the country out of the current deep crises.

Mr Khuho speaking to the media persons after an event held in Thar Press Club here on Thursday during which a prominent leftist leader, writer and the notable of Samejo community, Professor Sagir Samejo announced to join PPP along with the elders of his community, said that Imran Khan-led PTI-government had totally messed up the things both at national and internal levels and had broken the back of the common people by allowing the hoarders and profiteers to fleece them without any let or check.

He said that the federal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Khan had always tried to attack the provincial autonomy and on the rights enshrined in the Constitution especially after the 18th Amendment. He said that Imran Khan and other PTI leaders should learn from the humiliating defeat they had sustained during the LB polls in cantonment boards held recently and stop thinking to rig next elections and in order to come in the power yet again from the backdoor.

He said that rulers imposed on the country had crossed all the limits of the political victimization on their political rivals and those opposing the ill-conceived policies of the naive and incompetent rulers. The PPP leader noted with great concern that rulers were not only subjecting their political opponents to victimization through the institutions like NAB but were trying their best to silence the voice of the media and other independent bodies, which were showing and exposing the incompetence of Imran Khan and his aides . He said that curbs on the media would have dire consequences in future and asked rulers to mend their ways before touching such issues. He said that every person, who wished to mould the opinion had to face the wrath of the inefficient rulers, who according to him, were trying to dig their own ‘graves’ to please a mentally -disturbed person.

“We the workers and leaders are not scared of such pressure tactics being mounted on us through various means” he added and claimed that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari with his political activities and acumen had created the unrest among the ranks and files of the rulers, who according to him, had become the security risk for the smooth running of the democratic process. Nisar Khuhro said that the Federal government was doing grave injustice with the people of Sindh first by depriving its due shares in NFC Award and now curtailing its water shares.

He claimed that it was the PPP leadership, which had decided to come on the roads to register their protest when they had noticed that water of Sindh’s share was being diverted to other canals of Punjab on the directions of rulers by depriving the due shares of Sindh adding he said that PPP leadership had never deviated even an inch from its stance to equally treat all federating units and to stand for the equal rights of every province. The senior PPP leader said that under the given situations there was need to build up the national consensus to make policies and plans in the best interest of the country adding he showed his concern over the mishandling of the ‘sensitive’ issues.

Mr Khuhro said that people of Sindh had always rejected those, who conspired to weaken the PPP through dirty tricks adding he warned some ‘spent cartridges’ to stop daydreaming to conquer Sindh by getting some personal benefits from the naive leaders sitting in Islamabad adding he warned that any move to run the affairs of Sindh from Islamabad would not only be resisted but also would be foiled with the power of the people, who according to him, were sick of the inefficient and callous rulers imposed on the country through a fake mandate.

He said that due to wise and [prudent policies of PPP leadership Thar region was progressing by leaps and bounds and hoped that this region would soon change the density of Pakistan as was dreamed by their slain leader Ms Benazir Bhutto. ” I make here clear to the people that Tharis have the first and foremost right on their resources” he added and vowed to stand with people through thick and thin along with other party leaders as per party policy.

Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said that party (PPP) which was already very strong in Thar would further gain its strength in the desert district with the joining of persons like Sagir Samejo along with his people of his community and friends adding he said that PPP always respected the and welcomed the decision such people to join hand with them, who throughout their lives stood for the rights of people and practiced what they preached. Mr Samejo during his announcement to join PPP also presented his book written on the life of Asif Ali Zardari as the gift to Mr Khuhro during the event.

MPA Faqir Sher Mohammad Bilalani, Advocate Veerji Kolhi, Engineer Gayancgand, Shushil Malani, Nandlal Malhi, Mohammad Umar Loond, Ms Samtra Manjani, Kanwar Amar, Mohammad Essa Rahimoon, Lal Mohammad Dahot, Iqbal Narejo, Adam Hingorjo, Lala, Kamla Bheel, Lajpat Bhjeel, Mohammad Khan Loond, Aijaz Junejo, Bansi Malhi, Mueen Bajeer, A Mohammad Ismail Bajeer and other PPP leaders were present during the event. The PPP leaders welcomed the decision of Mr Samejo to join them and hoped that he would work with them for party with dedication and uplift of Thar.

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