Gharida Farooqi Zubair Umar Video Viral Full Uncut

Tis the season of viral videos in Pakistan. Twitter is the place where videos are being leaked by powerful forces. The latest Gharida Farooqi Zubair Umar Video Viral Full Uncut is also getting lots of eyeballs and media is in chaos in Pakistan right now.

The dress of Gharida Farooqi is being matched to the girl with Zubair Umar and a new discussion has broken out in media. PTI walahs are saying that Gharida Farooqi and other noon league liberals now stop crying & stop playing woman card. Some are just taking advantage of this and slamming morning issues which is totally unrelated issue and saying that basically,morning shows are useless, lack of quality ,waste of time and more important do not fit in our religion & culture values.

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