Full Story of Dr Maria Saeed and What Happened to Her

Full Story of Dr Maria Saeed and What Happened to Her

Another woman another murder still our Government is not taking strict actions against such cases. This horrific abuse has to STOP. Please bring an end to these endless. Please do something for the rights and protection of the women of Pakistan. Why can’t the domestic violence bill become act of parliament? Who we are afraid of?We see loving moms and lovely daughters keep falling prey to the abusers. Think about the trauma of her two kids.

The one thing i learnt from crime documentaries is, the person who gets the most benefit out of the murder can be the criminal. His 2nd marriage leading to dispute over financial dispute. While writing this line, my heart drenches in pain and eyes are burning with tears. A kind soul, my sister like senior and true human being was facing domestic violence and lost her life in this tragedy.

Domestic violence should end. another victim who was a Doctor. our society has fallen to a point where even strong women like Dr. Maria Saeed are not safe. Govt. should take immediate action on this case. FCPS pediatrics and fellow pediatric hematology-oncology at Children Hospital Lahore Dr. Maria Saeed was physically abused & then hanged with a ceiling fan in her house in Bahria Town allegedly by her own husband.

We really need to raise our voice for her. Her family needs us. Let us play our part at least. As always, police has come to the grieved family for patch up as they believe it was a suicide. Certain points that favor murder against suicide are:

1- She was a doctor. She had the idea of many painless, hassle-free modes of death. Why would she adopt such a difficult way of suicide?
2-There were many bruises n marks of abrasion on her body n neck.
3-She gave online consultation at 11 am to her colleagues at the hospital. After two hrs, this news of her death came. If she was planning on suicide, why would she act normal right before that?
4-Her husband turned CCTV cameras off of their house a week before. Why?
5-According to Dr. Maria’s brother, her husband asked him to come over and see his sister while he (husband) himself said that he was leaving. Normally, if a husband is suspecting something wrong, he would have tried to break open the door himself.
Why did he want to leave without even knowing wt had happened to his wife?
6-If she was planning to commit suicide, why didn’t she place her kids in a safe place before doing so? A mother either takes the lives of kids and her own as well if pushed this far, or place kids in a safe place before committing suicide. She can never ever want to make her kids see such a horrible scene of their mother hanging from the ceiling.
7-If it was a suicide, why didn’t she save money for her kids, whom she loved more than her life?
8-She was in touch with her family even that day, too. No one suspected any sign of severe depression.
9-Two days before her death, she talked to one of her good friends that she was upset because of her husband’s 2nd marriage, but she said she had compromised now. For her kids, she would still not want a divorce.

One week before this incident took place, CCTV cameras of house were turned off. Husband stayed home for whole week while normally he would only stay for a day or two. Two days before, father in law abused n threatened Dr maria and kids watched this as well. He also said that she should be given divorce n throw her out of this house. Remember once again that this house was built out of Dr Maria’s hard earned money.

In morning everyone woke up at 9 and kids started their online classes. Maria gave them breakfast like everyday she used to give. At around 10 30 am, maria talked to her sister n told her to inform her ward that there r bruises on her face because of an accident so she would be on leave for a few days. She didn’t meet any accident actually they were torture marks. She asked why were there bruises on your face? And maria said they were because of physical scuffle between her n her husband.

At around 11 am, Dr maria gave online consultation to her colleagues at children hospital Lahore. At around 12 pm, her husband called Dr Maria’s brother that maria called her n said Allah hafiz so something was wrong. Her brother was 38 Kms away and her husband was 4 to 5 km away. He came home n asked maria to open the door but there was no reply.

He took his daughter to car n started roaming near house while their son said that he wouldn’t leave house if mama was not opening door. Her brother reached n her husband also came home almost at same time. N he said to her brother that i was taking kids to Sialkot. Astonished on this, her brother said to him to stay with him to see wt had happened to maria.
Her brother tried to open the door forcefully. Inside room they saw hanging body of Dr Maria Saeed.


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