Rambo and Ayesha Viral Video Latest Leaked Full

Rambo and Ayesha Viral Video Latest Leaked Full

Rambo and Ayesha Viral Video has been leaked on social media and Ayesha Akram now says that Rambo was blackmailing her. Ayesha Akram says that Rambo was the one who took her to the Iqbal park and Rambo has made lots of Ayesha videos and now taking money from her and she is kind of dancing on his tune.

Who is Rambo of Ayesha Akram and what is their relation. Full story of how Rambo met Ayesha has now come out. Both met on Twitter and then moved on to Facebook. Then Ayesha and he met in a public park and then decided to make money online by posting funny and bold videos on Tiktok and other social media platforms. They also mimed the songs and then danced in the park and tried to get as many views and followers as possible as that meant more money for them. 

Rambo of course denies these accusations and said that he was merely doing what Ayesha Akram was asking and she was fully on board with it and everything happened with her consent. He also said that now Ayesha has become friends with some powerful people in the local area and wants to get rid of him. 

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