Taser Gun Pakistan in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

Taser Gun Pakistan in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

The price of taser gun in Pakistan is seemingly cheap as now you can see boys holding these guns in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

I have been observing a very dangerous something called taser with some boys in Karachi for a few days now. It renders any severed limb unconscious or unconscious in a single shock. Its voltage shock can even cause death in heart patients. How did this device, which is a non-police ban in the United States, come here? Institutions should take notice. Well-educated people have given this taser to their daughters in view of Noor Muqadam and every other case of ease. Just last week a friend of mine’s pediatric consultant sent me a picture showing us bringing our daughters in for safety. I sent this tweet of yours to him. People with pistols will have same logic to have a potentially very dangerous gadget.

I have no issue if someone wants to arm to defend himself/herself with such a non lethal weapon. These things are easily available in Pakistan online and the price is cheap too. Women should have this teaser and even sensible children are not able to control what is happening. Street Crime Every criminal has a pistol. Where do those pistols come from? Where are the snatched mobile phones sold? Yes, nothing works on all of them. I think there is a good shop near Johar Town Lahore for taser gun. I had two applications through a friend Best for girls in today’s context.

No this does not kill. Its for deterrence. One can use it to scare off criminal. Shock can only knock down a person if it make contact for 5 sec. Its very common in most of the countries. Check Amazon store in Pakistan. It should be made licensed for females. Keeping in mind the current circumstances. Taser is not banned. It is considered a firearm. And as per the 2nd amendment, they can be carried openly or concealed in every state as per the US law but in Pakistan it’s fuzzy..




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