TMUC Islamabad Lahore Karachi Hostel Fee Structure

TMUC Islamabad Lahore Karachi Hostel Fee Structure

TMUC Islamabad girls hostel and all other information about fee is available here for free. Also for Karachi, Lahore and other cities are covered.

I have seen these things are being promoted only in University and colleges and then promoted the concept of keeping people Jahil. I went back to my hostel area in Islamabad few months ago after about 2 years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought i was walking in Vegas. A growing dilemma in our society. English grammar school Karachi, some one told me 75% kids use drugs which is alarming.

TMUC is an initiative by Pakistan’s third largest education group; The Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan; where we have been associated with teaching, curriculum, assessments and learning for nearly 30 years and are recognized globally as a center of educational excellence, learning opportunity, teaching entrepreneurship and talent discovery, We recognize the many benefits partnerships and affiliations provide, such as enriching the curriculum and choice of programmes, in terms of the widening the learner’s participation and employability scope, thus facilitating entry into higher education by increasing the number of progression routes for our students. Global collaborations not only provide a diverse learning environment but also increase educational opportunity and promote a mutually supportive environment for staff and students, as well as raising for both university and partner in our education districts.

It all start from how you train your child , educate and aware your child male or female , hostel is not a responsible institute for that. This sounds like an excuse to stop girls from education and keep them in houses. So what if girls are smoking cigarettes? Cigarettes are legal in Canada, it’s similar to cigarettes with little extra side affects. Girls or guys they both should have equal freedom.

Hostel is not a bad thing but an adopting a western culture in our society that makes a difference. They are not doing this. Drugs are not promoted in west I have studied there. I think its something to keep Pakistan Jahil. Women rights and liberty just doing it’s business. Nothing new, it’s not hostels only. It’s everywhere specially elite and higher middle class. What do u think what happens in dance parties. It’s all about drugs n much more. Unless we educate our youth, we are doomed. I don’t know what to say.

My daughter was educated in foreign country. She always had hijab, never involved in any other activity, reads Quran very regularly and prays. Thought Quran to younger ones. So family oriented are all my these 3 kids. So hostel is not an issue I guess. It depends how you feed your children. Halal or haram. Halal is the key for every success in life. Unfortunately, people don’t believe on halal much and look for short term advantages.

Cool culture, freedom, equality, imported slogans from america. When you don’t know who you are, then you are attracted to everything comes your way. And its wrong on the basis of what? Who is to decide?

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