Where to get Bhang and plant in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

bhang bhang plant in pakistan

If you are looking to get bhang and bhang plant in Pakistan in any city including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad then its easy to obtain it as even government has now allowed the sale and business of this plant as this is already being used in preparing many medicine. 

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Senator shibli faraz, on Wednesday, informed a parliamentary panel that the industrial and medicine hemp (bhang) policy will be ready by December. After three years destruction of Pakistan economy, highest rising price of dollar, highest inflation and poverty level in the history of Pakistan if these KPI are good in your opinion then you may be living in Bhang paradise seeded by selectors. I know it’s a separate discussion for some other occassion.

Bhang ka rang jama’o chak-a-chak…

Someone had to say it. You know you wanted to. The derivatives of bhang total market is US$ 27billion. India is one of the major players in it let’s be honest and pragmatic. If it boosts up the economy then so be it. Good step taken, finally. We will be part of the $95+ bn market worldwide. But more than this, may be Pakistan could become a hub for drug manufacturing and companies like Pfizer could outsource this to us. People can grow bhang in their homes easily too as a side business.

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