Reham Khan Apology Video to Zulfi Bukhari Full Uncut

Reham Khan Apology Video to Zulfi Bukhari Full Uncut

Reham Khan having to issue apology and pay damages to Zulfi Bukhari is a timely reminder of how fake news is punishable under law in the developed world. Freedom of speech has its limits and it does NOT apply to fake news.

Reham Khan seeks unconditional apologies for hurling baseless allegations on Zulfi Bukhari. She had to render an unconditional apology & pay the case expenditure to Zulfi Bukhari. This happens when you have a strong and speedy justice system in place. No one can lie even on social media. And that’s why the so-called journalists in Pakistan are against Media Regulations.

Zulfi Bukhari wins defamation case; Reham Khan apologises and agrees to pay the sum of £50,000 (Rs11.6 million) as contribution towards @sayedzbukhari ‘s costs and damages. Zulfi Bukhari wins defamation case, Rs11.6m from Reham Khan at London High Court. Reham had alleged in a YouTube video and through 7 Tweets and Retweets that @sayedzbukhari tried to make corrupt money through sale of Roosevelt Hotel & was involved in fraud.

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