Pakistani Politicians Female Viral Video

On Twitter and Facebook, lots and lots of Pakistani politicians female viral video are getting viral on daily basis. One wonders what’s going on. Not only that but also Pakistani tiktoker girls videos are also being leaked either by their partners or by their friends.

The ease with which videos can be made and recorded and then released to the social media has added to this trend as now anyone with a smart phone can do that in short time and more often than not by remaining anonymous. So if you have a beef to pick up with anyone, all you need to do is to record that video and leak it with a make up name or fake id. No one would really go after you and you can simply bask in our glory.

Daughters are the blessing of Allah. They represent their family when they do something. It’s up to them whether they do something wrong or good. Not all daughters are like Ayesha Akram who hatched this conspiracy with her boyfriend Rambo to blackmail thousands of boys in Lahore. There are many such girls who are doing this in various cities of Pakistan online just to get some fame and money and views.

Ayesha Akram accused his so called fiancé for minar e pakistan incident According to ayesha akram he is the one who planned that meet up and he was blackmailing her from a long time. What about this anchor who scripted & break the whole story. Yes I am talking about that hypocrite Iqrar. Iqrar ul Hassan apologises to the nation for supporting Ayesha Akram but that’s not enough. He must shut up and retire from TV screen forever. Above picture showing the support of Iqrar and Yasir for Ayesha Akram and Ramboo, below picture is clarifying that they both make Iqrar and Yasir a “Mamoo”.

The reason you can’t trust on this world shame on Ayesha Akram now where is iqrar and shami. Iqrar al-Hassan and Yasir Shami should explain why you both do not do investigative journalism? The nation demands an explanation from both of you and a strict punishment from the law. This is high time that PEMRA must ban this Iqrar and his antics as he has been slapping and defaming people for a long time now.

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