Dr Abdullah Haris Videos of Nurses in Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Dr Abdullah Haris Videos of Nurses in Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Full collection of Dr Abdullah Haris Videos of Nurses in Jinnah Hospital Lahore along with lady doctors has been leaked to social media. This is such an unfortunate incident and must be condemned as this is only giving bad name to the Lahore, its doctors, nurses and lady doctors.

So who is Dr. Abdullah Haris of Lahore Jinnah Hospital and what has he done. How was he able to make indecent videos of so many (more than 50) videos of girls including nurses, lady doctors and some patients and got away with it for such a long time? He was also quite famous in the hospital as tharki and came from London. Belonging to quite a well-off family he is known to be a butterfly in Lahore elite circles.

A nurse complained after getting blackmailed for a long time as doctor was also sharing her with his friends and so she had enough of it and went to police. Police investigated and to the credit of Police they didn’t waste anytime and arrested doctor. Police found more than 50 videos from the mobile phone and laptop of the doctor. Doctor has also sold some of the videos to the online websites internationally for $100 each.

And we live in false sense of righteousness as a whole and claim be are the best. He is also known to be a very active member of PTI, the ruling party and his social media profiles show great support for Imran Khan and his party. He has been an active participants of sit-in against previous government and he used to post a lot about corruption and other things of last government and was at height of self-righteousness.

Jinnah Hospital’s Dr Abdullah Haris was allegedly forcing women including a nurse into having illicit relationship, says FIA cybercrime wing. FIA cyber wing actually quite smartly arrested this monster. They cajoled him and called him through a nurse to a restaurant in Gulberg and then arrested him. Dr. Abdullah was actually cheating women and girls and promised them that he would marry them. WhatsApp videos by Dr. Haris are also circulating.

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