Pfizer Booster Shot in Pakistan After 2 Sputnik Doses

Pfizer Booster Shot in Pakistan After 2 Sputnik Doses

The question is can I get Pfizer booster shot in Pakistan after 2 Sputnik doses as I have to travel shortly and would it be safe? The reason why I am asking is that there is no clear answer on the website about this and health departments are clueless.

Someone like me who got two Sputnik doses earlier in the year and who will have to travel soon to places where Sputnik is not yet approved (unless the WHO approves it which may happen soon) can get a Pfizer dose – in fact both doses spaced 4 weeks apart – and then travel. Dont be in hurry to create immune system problems for yourself by playing around with different vaccines.

The payment per booster dose is Rs 1270 – and vaccines being used for booster doses are Pfizer, SinoPharm and SinoVac – all booster doses obtained in this manner are included in the NADRA record. Pfizer is also two doses? I thought if you have had others then one booster dose would suffice. Any experts here? Please. From what I was told, they’re only administering Pfizer to individuals who got the Chinese vaccine. Have they revised this policy?

You’d need a valid visa for this right? Or can anyone who has taken sputnik go and get their boosters? On paper, they are asking for a valid visa. In reality, they are not checking and just going with the flow. On the safe side, take your passport with you when you to JPMC. Good luck. If sputnik approved till December then no need for booster? I also got sputnik in April. Sir visa required or just walk in with 1270 payment receipt? Just pay man. Do we go to a private hospital for the booster dose or govt?

This is a very serious question, please seek assistance from qualified people preferably from outside of Pakistan, the twitterati will conveniently walk you off the cliff, so just don’t rely on social media. It’s your health we are talking about here. Booster is usually recommended at least six months after the last vaccination in the elderly and the vulnerable. It is also used by international travellers in countries which do not recognise Chinese vaccines.

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