Sania Ashiq Viral Video on Twitter Full

Sania Ashiq Viral Video on Twitter Full

Sania Ashiq Viral Video on Twitter Full uncut is making rounds on the social media. The girl visible in the video is Sania Ashiq or not no one can say with certainty as PTI has achieved mastery in faking such videos over the years.

Women are easy targets online journalists & politicians/public figures etc. Sania Ashiq is being targeted for doing her work. I request the women in parliament to stand up against this. Make online safe, especially for women. We Stand with Sania Ashiq. She is a brave, professional politician. Do our Journalists understand the fact that PTI records any such calls & then later releases it on Sociel Media?

Sania Ashiq must question the intent behind recording this call & ask “PTI who released it to public & why” ? Who is the real enemy of politics in Pakistan? I stand with Sania Ashiq for her candid analysis of the current political and economic situation in Pakistan and condemn all the trolls for their vicious and smear campaign. One would think the government has more important things to focus on, especially what is happening in the country. Stop using official time to troll a journalist doing her job .

I also stand with Sania Ashiq and condemn those targeting her for her opinion.

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