ILR Card for Pakistani Passport Holders Issues

ILR Card for Pakistani Passport Holders Issues

ILR stands for Indefinite Leave to Remain. ILR is used in United Kingdom. ILR is an immigration status which allows the person who holds it to live and work in the UK for an unlimited time, without any need to apply for a visa extension.

Pakistanis are raising quite a lot of issues with UK home office and Pakistani officials about ILR. My husband with UK ILR Pakistani passport bought twice a ticket back to be with his kids in UK and twice his ticket got wasted because the staff Jinnah International Airport Karachi Airport kept asking a ILR card which never was provided as the proof online. The situation is quite grave and anxiety inducing.

He logged in on the UK home office website showing them everything but they didn’t let him board twice isn’t this ridiculous and total inhuman of the staff. He went for a two week holiday and had to go back to work from today 18/10 now because of the staff at Jinnah international airport Karachi airport his job is at stake. He works in the UK has a ILR and owns a house in the United Kingdom.

Please guide us as we are in enormous distress. How many more ticket would we need to buy and will go in the bin and for how long more will they keep father of 3small children’s away from them.Only because you don’t issue any card and they don’t trust the proof online. Kindly have mercy upon my small family and help us out. Staff at Karachi Airport is totally inhuman and not educated about travelers their documents nothing they are their to bully people.

This is so disappointing and ridiculous. I hope you get to see your husband soon. Praying for you and your family. What do you do if your airline staff at Pakistani airports doesn’t let the passenger fly to his home in uk only because they are too incompetent to recognise the legal and required ILR documents?

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