Multani Hoor Real Story and Leaked Video

Multani Hoor Real Story and Leaked Video

Young, beautiful, attractive Multani hoor in white dress was looking like a pearl out of heaven for sure as faithful looked in amazement. Where some people were trying to shoo away fake devil on Eid Milad, the parade of Multani Hoor was out of this world.

The leaked video of Mutani Hoor is also quite a treat to watch as she stutters around in her white robe enticing the people to go to the paradise if they do good. She wore full make up and looked around around in anguish as this was the first time people looked at such a spectacle. Not only the local media took note; both national and international media was curious about it as how come in the remote and conservative part of Pakistan such a hoor tamasha was going on.

Bringing girl as a hoor in Milad jaloos in Multan is a shameful act. Authorities should take strict action against responsible peoples. Pakistan: Woman presented as ‘Hoor’ at Eid Milad-un-Nabi procession in Multan, triggers outrage from Muslims across the country. It’s just insanity. We are just too away from our religion Astaghfirullah. May Allah swt have mercy on all of us Ameen.

Jannat Ki Hoor is a local girl from the locality of Hussain Agahi in Multan. She is a college student and just agreed to do this for one-off extra income. She was to be paid Rs. 30K for her services but then the administrators of the procession only gave her Rs. 10K. She was very furious and complained to the local police who registered the case of fraud against the culprits, who refuse any wrongdoing.

A motion of adjournment has been filed in the Punjab Assembly against the maiden, by presenting herself as a ‘Hoor’ in the procession of 12th Rabi ul Awal, Multan. Now you can see Shaitan and Hoor in the world. Pakistanis have crossed 5th dimension. How low can one society get? Where a hoor (out of the 72, promised) (to have slavery with after death) is being portrayed on the street and people along with kids are enjoying the process?



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