Thandi Kheer and Garam Gulab Jamun

Thandi Kheer and Garam Gulab Jamun

Someone sent me a photo of thandi kheer and garam gulab jaman the other day from Rawalpindi and it was simply yum. I immediately cooked a bowl full of kheer, put it in freezer and went out to buy fresh gulab jamun. I surprised my family with thandi kheer and then piping hot gulab jamun on top of it.

I believe this could be the national sweet dish of Pakistan.  We should package it and export it to the rest of the world in different flavours really. I was introduced to a Rawalpindi version of hot chocolate brownie and vanilla icecream in the form of thandi kheer and garam gulab jamun. Who tried this? It was somewhere in the streets behind Waris khan bus stop. Pindi boys will guide you if you are really keen.

Pehlwan Kheer, Bhabra Bazar. Never tried this ghulab jaman, kheer combo though but it looks yum according to one of social media comment. Gulab jamun with kheer or vanilla icecream best combo of all time. Is it in Banni/kartarpur area?? This is a heavenly combo for any sweettooth. I know it doesn’t seem or sound healthy and probably isn’t but then let’s enjoy the life while we are here as in Pakistan we don’t have much else to enjoy.

I think I also tried it out in Jalandhar street Gujranwala many years back but I might be wrong. There was also a shop in Lahore near Anarkali. But this is wonderful combination and looks really delicious. Another combo could be Gajar halwa plus Vanilla icecream. Why does it look like there is a sad face. or maybe it is my reflection for not being able to consume it. That was just a joke and said in jesting.

I did but only at your insistence. And I stand with my earlier statement of calling it a blasphemy of food. Everything is perfect apart from a cup of tea. This is served as sweet at walimas in Peshawar in some of the wedding halls. Tastes really good. Garam gulab jamun and vanilla ice cream is the way to go. This combo is very very popular in Rawalpindi but yet to catch on in rest of Pakistan.


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