Leaked Audio About Imran Khan Bushra Maneka from Naeem

Leaked audio allegedly shows Naeem ul haque badmouthing Imran khan and Bushra Maneka with other PTI members. People like Imran deserve friends like Naeem ul Haq because nation is so fed up of these antics.

It seems that this is the season of leaked audios and leaked videos and someone somewhere is trying to fulfil their ulterior motives. I am not really sure what is going in Pakistan right now as everyday there is new spectacle and we are not sure what to do where. We are also not sure how can we make sure about the stuff which is going in parliament and other provincial assemblies especially in Balochistan and Punjab.

Audio leak of conversation about Pakistani PM, his alleged marriage with the ex wife of someone else, Black magic and other interesting stuff. The thing is Imran knew about this audio and Naeem’s point of view that’s why he didn’t attend his funeral nor met him in his last days. But these audios are available for a few so leaking it now means people in power wants to humiliate khan just like they tried with MNS.

I wish there was a clip made in the English language as well, for better spread of the message that it is trying to spread. Restricting it to Urdu audio, limits exposure of such positive initiatives. It is well done nonetheless and to be honest it’s weird. Can we please move away from these leaked things? This is really giving bad name to the country and its people. This is not the way to settle the score as more and more people are becoming victim of it.


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