Buy a Bride in Swat Mardan Pakistan and Afghanistan

Buy a Bride in Swat Mardan Pakistan and Afghanistan










It’s an open secret that you can cheaply buy a bride in Swat Mardan Pakistan or from Afghanistan. The rate is very low and the girls are young and beautiful.

Some try to cover up this by saying that this is just a reverse dowry and it’s only for the protection of girl’s future just in case something happens.


I have also heard about the stories where people have been scammed by these brides in Pakistan. So a person goes in to Swat or tribal areas of Pakistan, marry a young beautiful girl and brings her home in Punjab or Sindh. After couple of days, he finds girl vanished from his house along with valuables, jewelry, cash etc. No one can then follow up with the family of girl back in hinterland as that’s a virtual lawless area without much reach for the police or justice. 

These days people are acting surprised on the news of Najeeba Afghan, a young pretty Afghani girl who was sold for marriage for only Rs. 50000 and even that in installments to an elderly groom. That is so common but these days it’s a fashion to show outrage on social media and them move on to next spicy thing. Many of these brides just stay with their elderly husbands as a second or third or even fourth wife for life and are quite malleable as they have no education or awareness.

As long as consent is there, there is no problem in marriage between two humans but in this case it’s a business and more often than not girl has no say in it. But if you ask from these girls and I had a chance to talk to a 22 years old Swati bride in Islamabad who was with her 55 year old husband for 5 years, she said that she was glad to be in that relationship and in Islamabad as life was like hell back in Swat where she hardly had any life and no one really cared about her. But now in Islamabad her older husband was too kind and nice to her and she felt great affection towards him. 

Yes I understand that there might not be many success stories but there always is other side of story.

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