Dogs on Islamabad Walking Tracks

Dogs on Islamabad Walking Tracks

Should dogs, even on leash be allowed on the walking tracks of Islamabad? That’s the debate raging on the social media. We Pakistanis are not that accustomed to the dogs and we are normally brought up hating dogs as they are considered impure and dangerous.

One lady said that she was a dog owner and she said that she must say dogs are unpredictable so thy shouldn’t allow on normal track or parks. And then all hell broke loose from other side.

In Germany, for instance, dogs are allowed in all public places and transports. They just have to be on the leash, and I’ve never seen them ever being problematic or ‘unpredictable’.

Dog is on the leash, how in the world that’s harassment. Everywhere in the world leashed dogs are acceptable. I have seen many people in Gulf doing the same. People care a lot for their pets. Every time you go to a walking track, you would find people walking their dogs. Especially there at F7/4 alongside Margalla and F7/4 college for Girls
For numerous times I saw people walking along with their dogs without leash and dog face mask.

Dear ISD Administration, please provide another carpeted track for elite girls who are afraid of dogs especially the girl who posted on social media whinging about it. This track, which she will use solely for her walk. The CDA budget needs to be approved on priority basis as the delay might cause precious cost and time over-run. Also provide fencing design in feasibility study. Since this tweet is getting a lot of attention, I might add something. I thought no one would understand the sarcasm but our nation is learning quick. It’s time we teach, as a public service, to speak responsibly on social media. No offenses to anybody.

The dog is on a leash. Not sure what exactly your problem is here. Parks, trails and track are all for everyone. My two German Shepherds are well behaved, well trained and vaccinated. And I learnt to train my dogs with the help of You tube. They can be predictable once you have them and spent some time walking them. One can walk one’s dog here since these are the walking tracks. Han if the owner can’t control it, then one’s at fault.

Thanks for highlighting this problem. It is a common problem on both sides of Margallah Road where pedestrians are constantly harassed by all sorts of dangerous dongs accompanied by their owners. Dog is unpredictable. Problem not with dog.problem is in Pakistan 99 % people not do vaccinations for dog bites.

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