Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Boys Mania

Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Boys Mania

You would be forgiven to think that only boys in Pakistan are after the girls mobile numbers across Pakistani cities and towns and villages. The thing is that girls are equally interested and searching frantically for mobile numbers of Pakistani boys in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and even conservatives areas of Peshawar, Mardan and Quetta.

At times like this i am so grateful for the growth of feminist space in Pakistan. My safe space isn’t my family/relatives, it’s the female friendships and bonds I’ve formed through the years. I love all my girls so much and i wish we would all get a chance to live our best lives.

Finding a Girl for Mobile Phone Friendship in Pakistan Mania: It seems to me that youth in Pakistan is neither serious or they are too dumb. Craze for Friendship and Girls Cell Phone Numbers Pakistan: There is nothing wrong with friendship with a girl in Pakistan but consent is big thing. Pakistani girls for friendship and Pakistani boys for friendship is nothing new online. People are not real out there, they want us to make them feeling good about every little thing they do even if it hurts others. I lost a number of friends for being real with them and I’m fine.

Both girls and boys need to remember that facebook or twitter friendship is transient and temporary. These friendship breakups are extremely painful but then understanding that some friends are only there for an era or a period of your life is quite important. I don’t believe in friendship breakups, I believe we outgrow our friends bcoz of the experience we’ve acquired along the way and by coming into contact with our purpose in life as well as realising our goals and objectives.

I thank God he showed me the breakup before it had happened. I accepted it and a month later. Well it’s life. And also understanding why your friend chose not to be your friend anymore is important. Loosing a close friend really hurts more than what we are willing to admit. We share so much as friends.


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