Pakistani Girls Search for Call Boys in Lahore Pindi Karachi

Pakistani Girls Search for Call Boys in Lahore Pindi Karachi

This rent a service is not confined to the cars and taxis anymore.










Online world has opened up many more things to rent or to lease. It’s no secret now that Pakistani girls search for call boys in Lahore Pindi Karachi Multan Wah Cantt and many other cities of Pakistan without any hesitation.


Working as a callboy was never Kashif’s dream to become when he grew up. He envisioned himself to be a normal college student attending university with flying colors. He’d wanted to be enjoying his life with friends, partying and simply enjoying life in Karachi. He had dreams and aspirations like any boy like becoming a doctor, or pilot, or engineer. He also thought of going into politics or joining bureaucracy but then the life plays cruel jokes with all of us and that’s what happened to Kashif.

Callboy Kashif whose first customer is this very rich businessman who wanted a single night of fun to destress, now he walks the extravagant hallways leading to a room where a possibly old and fat disgusting man will be awaiting him. Kashif is relieved to see that the man who opens the door for him is this young (or old? Kashif guesses he’s at least 10 years older than him) red headed tall man wearing a three piece suit. Then he got paid very nicely for just one hour. The rates for one hour are very affordable too.

Now that is not confined to the old men to seek friendship of Kashif. He says that he daily receives numerous WhatsApp messages from college girls, housewives, and other ladies frequently who are willing to pay him handsomely for his time and company though he prefers certain clientele as his business has grown so much. He says that due to the Internet, social media and especially things like Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp it has become easy for him to stay anonymous.

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