Bhabi Bahu Saas and Nand Stories in Pakistan

Bhabi Bahu Saas and Nand Stories in Pakistan

Currently my saas and nand are busy in filling my husband with hatred against me not giving a damn k main sath wale room main hoon mujhe sun k dukh hoga, aur phr soney pe suhaga they’ll just act normal with me after this session jaise main ghajini hoon. It still saddens me so much why people enjoy feeling superior by putting others down instead of choosing to be friends and enjoying & partaking in all things good & bad together 🙁 I hope your husband keeps loving you & cherishing you.

Aik sunday k din bechara ghar ata hai wo bhe bardasht nae hota in auratoun se ajeeb Feeling very bad for him his only mistake is that he loves me and cares for me aur fuzool batoun main a k mere se naraz nae hota. go through something similar. Some people just dont care about someone’s feelings. Allah ap ko hosla dai ameen. Bus duaien chahyien k kabhi mera husband inki batoun main na aye. Allah kary na aye inki baton maen. but husband should stop thier parents and family making false accusations against anyone.Mard ko Allah Talah ne mazboot bnia hai and he should politely say to his mother.

This is so disturbing!! i remember before marriage you once tweeted about your nand and i had idea but I hope things get better for you Ameen. Beta yeh hee real life hai bas ap loog isay ziyada hee fintasize kar daitay hain ideal scenario kabhi nahe hota bas apko compromises karnay partay hain. Being elder than you I was just try to realize you about the reality. Jb husband room mein aye to zor zor se hansna behan Aesi Aag mein tail daltne rehna chahiye kyun k is mein jo jata hai jalne wale ka jata hai.

Something similar is happening with me as well. Shauhar acha ho to susral cooperative nahe hota. Bus Allah sab larkiyon k Zindagi Mai sukoon rkhein or hum sab ko sabar dein. nand ki shadi karwa do phir dekho jo tmhare sath ho rha hai wohi us k sath hoga. Been there , nothing makes you feel more helpless or Defeated but Trust in Allah, pray for yourself & Wait Most importantly dont fall into their games Maintain your high ground Inshallah Your time will come & all this will be irrelevant My prayers for you.

I can understand my mom went through this for some period because of constant backbiting by my phopo (dadi dead my father was 9 so he was close to sisters). After some time he realised that and stop that. It’s good to hear your husband is supportive.May Allah ease your situation. Those advising to move away from in laws are wrong. There is no quick fix for this. It takes time & effort to settle anywhere. Put more effort in relationships with all members of family. No offense.

75-80% problems in married life come from these joint family set ups. The sooner our elders understand, the easier it will be I think. This time shall pass, its matter of time only you both will live happily provided you just ignore others. I’ve been following you for so long and all I’ve seen is a vibrant and unapologetic person. I am so sorry for your in laws for being so petty. People don’t realise how damaging their words can be.

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