How Noorani Produced Saqib Nisar Audio – Real Story

How Noorani Produced Saqib Nisar Audio - Real Story

There is no need for any further forensic analysis and there is no need at all in noting the prominent frequencies in the voice of Saqib Nisar, other sound source and the noise floor. It’s totally needless to go through the troubles of arranging high quality, professional grade monitoring headphones and high quality studio monitors to do the critical listening analysis of this audio tape because I am going to do tell you how Ahmad Noorani produced this audio tape. 

As we all know Ahmed Noorani is always busy in the quest of publicity and fame and wants to remain in the media limelight forever. So when Noorani was in hospital after being attacked by 6 people in Islamabad, he had nothing to do except watching television, reading newspapers and flicking through social media. Being in the same media industry, he knew the real deal so unlike us mere-mortals he didn’t extract any joy or thrill out of those talk shows, journo tweets and got bored and then had this epiphany.

Why not become a voice impersonator? So he asked the nurse in hospital that instead of pain killers could she give him some voice hormones? Which the good lady did. Then he immediately hired an online vocal coach plus a speech therapist. He spent hours on practicing as how to hold lips and mouth in proper position. He perfected the suitable jaw tension and tongue position. He also made a huge effort to control his breath and obtained a perfect pitch range. A sympathetic doctor also did a minor surgery to adjust his laser vocal cord tuning. He was all set then.

Earlier he thought it would be cool to mimic the voice of his favorite singer Taher Shah. He even recorded that timeless song ‘Eye to Eye’ in his mobile and sent it to the same girl whose 6 brothers had beaten him just days ago. He then looked at himself, got bit emotional and recorded another song, ‘Rul tay gaye aan par chas bari aayi‘ in Malkoo’s voice plus he successfully produced Joss Stone’s voice in the same song.

You will agree that if one can sing in the legendary voice of Tahir Shah, one can mimic and impersonate any voice. Saqib Nisar’s thin textured voice is not a big deal at all. Even Umar Cheema can emit that Saqib’s voice but he would be caught immediately due to his leak history with panama and pandora.

After recovering, when it came to paying the hospital bill, Noorani realized that he had no money as he already had donated that to the dam fund. He rang a friend in Diamer, asked him to go immediately onsite and check if dam or at least Baba of Dam was there. The friend obliged and reported back with with the news that he wasn’t able to find any of them. Outraged, Noorani pulled out his phone and recorded that leak which is scaring the daylights out of Nisar right now. To add insult to injury, Noorani also sent his audio to forensics as he was confident enough on his newly acquired skillset.

So crux of the story is that the future Saqibs and the likes shouldn’t worry too much about these audios and if anyone asks they should just disclose the above secret behind these audio leaks.

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