Who is Nosheen Kazmi Real Story in Chandka Medical College

Who is Nosheen Kazmi Real Story in Chandka Medical College

Everyone woke up to this tragic news and incident where the young and beautiful girl Nosheen Kazmi took her own life allegedly though there are various stories circulating. So who was Nosheen Kazmi and what happened to her in Chandka Medical college.

I know that nothing is clear when lifesaving person kills him or herself whatever the reason behind this is but there is always something bothering students and their mental health, no more violence please as we have had enough loss of precious life in this country already. And please don’t share photos of Nosheen Kazmi as that’s gruesome. We must cherish her life and we must only remember her good side as how full of life she was. This is so heart breaking to see۔ Dr Nosheen Kazmi student of fourth year of MBBS in Chandka Medical Larkana founds dead in a hostel! Who’s responsible? Before Dr Nimrita and Now Dr Nosheen. What is happening in that college.

Exactly neither her feet suspended off the ground nor in a posture with her knees flexed, there is clearly mentioned in Medical Jurisprudence that knees must be bend to announce it as death from Asphyxia. There are clear ulterior motives at first stance. VC should be investigated fairly and clearly. Behind every suicide there are invisible hands. Each year three to four students are suspiciously murdered in Chandika medical College Larkana. After Nimrta this is the third case named as suicide though it isn’t.

I demand from Imran Khan & Chief Justice of Pak Gulzar Ahmed to give justice to Dr Nosheen Kazmi a student of MBBS in Chandka Medical College Larkana. Her dead body hanging with fan recovered from her hostel. She was an innocent soul! give her justice. Nosheen , a student of MBBS at Chandka Medical College – You must always be there for those fellows of yours who’re falling apart because of d pressure of studies , tests & mental illness (that’s not a joke). Not sure whether it’s suicide or a planned murder.

In another tragic incident Zainab Amjad Awan and his husband Shah Nawaz and two daughters were killed in Lahore today. What is happening in Pakistan?


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