A Beautiful Afghan Girl in Kabul Street

One of my friend sent me this photo of Afghan girl in the Kabul begging for money or food from the car riders. He said that we would have been a beautiful nation if we had no poverty and war. He almost wept as he mentioned that. I believe this girl would be next Sharbat Gulla who has at last found refuge in Italy. ‘Afghan Girl’ From 1985 National Geographic Cover Takes Refuge in Italy is the news of today.

A beautiful child in Kabul, Afghanistan, a girl whose future is lost to Taliban terrorists when the world turned its back on Afghanistan and handed over the country to terrorists without considering what Afghans will deal with. God bless this child and everyone in Afghanistan. Sharbat Gula, whose haunting portrait was featured by the magazine more than three decades ago, was evacuated to Rome after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. I hope this girl gets a good life and grows up to be a productive and self-reliant woman. I wish that she gets a good education, a safe environment and a room to leverage potential. Everyone deserves it and this girl is no exception. My heart goes out to her.

Seriously Afghanistan has suffered and it’s people, the common people are the victims. Child and girls like these are the real victims.

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