Who is Yasmeen Ghauri and Where Is She Now

I am surprised that none of you are talking about Yasmeen Ghauri a Pakistani supermodel that dominated the high fashion scene in the early 90s and is widely regarded as one of the models with the best walks of all time. She was in the big league with Naomi and Chrissy. I donk’t know why’s she not as talked about.

So who is Yasmeen Ghauri and where is she these days? She is living in Canada with her family. The hot videos of Yasmeen Ghauri are still a treat to watch. Some people say that she is not completely of Pakistani origin because she was half white. Does it really matter. The thing is that her being half white doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a brown woman with distinctive south Asian features. Pakistani heritage but grew up in Canada. Always had an affinity with her. She was up there with the best in the 90s. Her father was a Pakistani and mother German.

When I was talking to some of my friends, the response was weird. I said to them that some of you seriously lack comprehension as when did I say that she’s a native Pakistani. She’s German-Pakistani, and grew up in a Pakistani Muslim community in Canada. She was goddess of her time, a Pakistani goddess. She’s definitely one of the few models that could’ve rivaled Naomi on the runway at the time.

She was a very private person offstage. she herself said that she thought of her being a supermodel as a job and not a lifestyle. Most Pakistanis don’t follow international fashion hence majority would be unaware about Yasmeen or any other Pakistani working on that stage. One of my all time favorite. She was on the same level as Crawford and Campbell but doesn’t get as much as recognition. The confusion is that once Yasmeen said that she was half Indian and half German, but the truth is that her father was Pakistani.

I absolutely love how she flaunted her broad shoulders especially since in society people view it on women as masculine. She left the industry way too early but retired to focus on family which is fair enough. Otherwise she was up there with the Naomi’s etc. Sabina Pasha also doing good in Canada. By the way, Mahmood bhatti (designer) must have known miss ghauri pretty well. I think it was Tyra banks who said Yasmeen had the best walk and also taught her how to do her makeup backstage bc the artists sucked at deeper skin tones.

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