Ayaz Latif Palijo asks PM Khan to convene APC to mull over core and key issues of the country

Ayaz Latif Palijo asks PM Khan to convene APC to mull over core and key issues of the country

Ayaz Latif Palijo, the chief of Qaumi Awami Tehreek has asked the Prime Minister Imran Khan to convene an all parties’ conference for making the joint effective mechanism to steer the country out of the present crisis. Mr Palijo, who is also general secretary of Grand Democratic Alliance ( GDA) addressing the party workers in Umerkot and Mirpurkhas towns and during the media talk has asked Mr Khan to act wisely and prudently and to lead the people of the country from the front by acting like a true leader especially at the time when they were groaning under the worst type of lawlessness, price hike, uncontrolled inflation and other key and core issues .

The people are feeling unsafe, insecure and uncertain due to the rising prices of the essential commodities with no remedial measures in sight everywhere in the country and such situations if not controlled prudently could push the country towards very chaotic situation” he warned and asked Mr Khan to read the chalking on the wall and stop relying only on the loans from international agencies to run the affairs of government and state . He warned that if the situations were not handled properly and prudently the country could be pushed towards ‘the stone age’ adding he maintained that the worsening situations needed the pragmatic and rational approach from those sitting power corridors. ” Any move by the rulers to prevaricate on the key issues can be very disastrous for the very foundations of the state and its institutions” he remarked and urged that it was the high time to stand on the one and the same platform to devise comprehensive plans policies to steer the country out of deep financial and other crises.

He said that the loans with harsh preconditions would never bring any change in the lifestyle of the country and would rather push the country towards backwardness and bankruptcy. He said that it was the high time for the rulers to concentrate on the key internal issues instead of interfering in the domestic issues of other countries. He said that rulers should stop unnecessary adventurism at the time when the country was passing through the critical phase due to changing international situations. He urged that every saner element of the country would have to think seriously on the core issues setting aside their political differences, adding he asked the rulers and as well as the key leaders of the political parties to refrain from political point scoring.

Mr Palijo said that under the given situation there was an urgent need to mull over the worsening situation by inviting the stakeholders and the leaders of different political parties to find ways to get out of the dangerous conditions. ” It is very unfortunate that rulers instead of focusing on the real issues of the country and its people are least concerned to frame pro-people policies and plans which need prompt relief” he remarked and demanded that rulers act wisely and prudently at the critical juncture of history.

He said that it was more that mess was being created in Sindh unlike other provinces where, according to him, PPP rulers had played havoc with the institutions forcing people to commit suicide. The corrupt and incompetent rulers in Sindh over past 14 years had never bothered to even paid a little attention towards the basic amenities of life and whole province was facing ruination, he said and added it entire responsibility lied on the PPP rulers, who were only intrested to mint money by hook or by crook leaving people in terrible conditions.

The Hindu girls are being abducted and raped, people are being kidnapped and killed in the broad-day light, students even in universities were not feeling safe and secure, kids in the district like Thar have been left to die of hunger and starvation, he added and went on to lash at the rulers for alleged callous and indifferent towards each and every issue of Sindh. He said that it was a matter of shame that lawmakers associated with the ruling party were killing innocent people with impunity and termed the brutal death of Nazim Jokhio as the worst example of mindset of those in power for years.

Mr Palijo observed that killers of Nazim Jokhio and Dodo Bheel instead of getting punished as per the existing laws of land had been left unbridled mainly due to the direct interference of those at the helm of the affairs. He said that such ghastly acts clearly implied that the laws only existed for the poor and downtrodden people while persons with power and pelf could easily get off the hook by paying the hefty amounts either in bribe or as compensation. The chief QAT noted with deep concern that PPP rulers in Sindh were bringing totally illogical and irrational bills on the floor of Sindh Assembly with regard to local government adding he warned them of the severe backlash from the people of Sindh if they did desist from such naive plans for the people of the province. He said that PPP lawmakers over the years taking advantage of their brute majority in the house’ had been making mockery of the legislation on the key issues pertaining to governance.

Ms Zeenat Samoon,Abdul Majeed Bughio, Ms Rahila Bhutto, Shahnawaz Hingorjo, Gul Hassan Pali, Ganga Bai and other party leaders also spoke during the events.

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