Who are Farhan Idrees and Usman Rasheed of Sialkot

Who are Farhan Idrees and Usman Rasheed of Sialkot

These two Monsters “Farhan Idrees” and “Usman Rasheed” are the main culprits among all those 50+ people present there. Only arresting and putting them in jail is not enough. The harshest punishment should be meted out from them. Farhan Idrees the main culprit in Sialkot incident has been arrested Plus more than hundred other accused also arrested in less than 24 hrs.

This is Islamic republic of Pakistan. Horrific & condemnable act of the mob attack on factory & murder of Sri Lankan manager in Sialkot. Mob violence cannot be acceptable under any circumstance as state has laws to deal with all offences. Who are Farhan Idrees and Usman Rasheed of Sialkot?  They are just small time minions of Sialkot who settled a score.

In the Sialkot incident, police have arrested Farhan Idrees, one of the main accused involved in torture and incitement. More than 100 people have been arrested. IG Punjab is supervising the whole matter. This is main culprit Farhan Idrees who initiated mobs to kill Sri Lankan describing sacrilege of purported sticker containing “Ya Husain”. Saddened and heartbroken. Can’t believe we are surrounded by individuals like Zahir Jaffer and Farhan Idrees. A state of lawlessness.

Sri Lankan executive at garment factory lynched & burnt by angry supporters of hardline Islamist party which attacked the facility in Pakistan’s Punjab over blasphemy allegations. Those shedding crocodile tears over Sialkot mob lynching incident should hang their heads in shame. They used street chaos to oust a govt, and are now witnessing sanity being ousted from the country by mob rule. This is just the tip. The iceberg follows.

The horrific mob lynching of the Sri Lankan manager of a sports factory in Sialkot shows the worrying extent to which extremism has spread in our society. Sri Lanka has its own set of radicals who are targeting Muslims. By lynching a Sri Lankan man, Muslim radicals have created space for non-Muslim radicals in Sri Lanka to target Muslims. This is how radicalism feeds off itself, fueling violence and hate across the world.

The savagery with which a Sialkot mob has tortured a Sri Lankan man to death on flimsy allegations of blasphemy should bring home the grim reality of spiralling radicalisation in Pakistan. It’s a time of shame for the country and we know who is responsible.


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  1. Can Imran khan stop to say i will make Pakistan Madina .He should say i will make Pakistan like Canada ,Australia , civilized Country. Please separate religion from state .

  2. This will continue till terrorism is used as a state policy.

    As an enemey of Pakistan, I’m happy that terrorism is accepted by govt. there. It will lead to your downfall. Day is near.

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