Who is Malik Adnan and What Has He Done

There’s that famous Nadeem Aslam quote: ‘Pakistan produces people of extraordinary bravery. But no nation should ever require its citizens to be that brave.’ A medal has been announced for Malik Adnan’s astonishing courage, by a state that surrendered to the mob just last month. Pakistan has awarded Tamgha-i-Shujaat to Malik Adnan.

The auto-playing videos showing up on my TL of Malik Adnan trying to save his colleague Priyantha Diyawadana are very upsetting knowing he failed. Before heroism awards, look into how he is doing mentally after this traumatic/horrific day incident. Malik Adnan is an unsung hero. It is very difficult to even contradict with mob but he tried his best to save Priyantha Diyawadana. I salute the courage of Malik Adnan. History will remember this mob as barbaric but Adnan as a hero who stood alone with humanity. Both India and Pakistan need more Malik Adnans.

Encouraging heroes like Malik Adnan is a wonderful thing. PPP/GoS also appreciates this courage. But at the same time the characters involved in this brutality must be punished immediately and severely so that the nation will know that you are against this extremism. That one guy Malik Adnan stalled the mob for quite a considerable time because most of the mob comprises of cowards. Just imagine there were around 4-5 of them & it’s almost certain that the precious life could’ve been saved. However, things are so bad that we don’t even have that many.

This man Malik Adnan, the unsung hero of Sialkot incident, and the lone warrior who came forward, and did everything he could to save Sri Lankan manager Priyantha kumara’s life. This is what you call humanity. This nation needs people like Malik Adnan not Mumtaz qadri. We must denounce this act. Malik Adnan tried his best to protect Priyantha Diyawadana & endangered his own life in the process.May Allah protect him & all who challenge extremism and fanaticism.

Malik Adnan, the man in red sweater, who clung to Priyantha Kumara’s body, pleading w/ the attackers to spare Kumara’s life, and not letting go of him even when his own life was endangered, is Pakistan’s hero. I salute him. If there were even three four more people to help him. Malik Adnan was one among nine hundred raging men. He doesn’t represent the ‘true’ face of Pakistan. The mob constitutes majority.


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