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Auntie Munaver’s Food & Dessert are quite famous in Pakistan especially in Karachi and they also send their products to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Their cakes and other stuff is really yummy and the ingrediants are always fresh. Prices are on the high side, but they don’t compromise on quality.

According to a post published on Karachi Food Diaries, the staff of Aunty Munaver’s refused to write the greeting ‘Merry Christmas’ for a customer. In fact, they insisted the customer reach out to the officials of the bakery.

But then there is another point of view, and which is: Please understand that they are not disrespecting anyone’s religion, they are just not writing the words which are strictly condemnable in their own religion as it shows a clear SHIRK and it’s not forgivable. ” Merry Christmas ” is not just a verse it has a concept behind it which is completely in contradiction to our belief about Maryam AS and Isa AS. If delizia has refused to write it for them we do stand firm with Delizia on this action.

It is not permissible for a Muslim to greet Christmas means celebrating the day of“God’s”birth – a concept absolutely abhorrent to Muslims in direct contradiction to the Quranic verse,“ He(Allah)did not give birth nor was He born.”(Quran112:3)

One point of view is this: We are a liberal nation and Islam is a religion of big heart. We should respect all religions. Imagine if a bakery in Canada or the United States refused to write ‘Eid Mubarak’ on a cake. What would the reaction have been then? We don’t wanna imagine. If they refuse there no problem. What’s the big deal? If this act happened in America then everyone shout they are doing wrong with the minorities but if it happens in Pakistan that is normal.

What are your thoughts?

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3 replies on “Who is Aunty Munaver and What Has She Done”

All fine. But there is one point. We know we are right and doing our best not to go against the commands of Allah. Unless our emaan is weak and we are unsure of our beliefs, it is then that a compromise will be made. What a bakery in Canada or US does it’s not a concern. Our concern should be to please Allah and nobody else.

Pakistanis not understanding how to live with different people and how to make them feel respected is understandable since Pakistan has never had reason to advance much as a culture.

If it was like Dubai – a place that wants to be successful, and a place that many people want to come to – it would’ve over time become more mature. Even Saudi Arabia is working to advance its culture so that they don’t end up backwards again once oil runs out.

But Pakistanis want the freedom to not get along and to disrespect others. Even if they wouldn’t want similar disrespect if the situation was reversed.

The lack of cultural advancement (in so many areas) is the main reason that Pakistan just doesn’t advance much and is surviving on the charity of other countries… Even compared to countries like Bangladesh.

The presumption of thinking that Pakistanis are already on the right path is just embarrassing.

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