Latest China Travel Restrictions for Pakistani Students

Latest China Travel Restrictions for Pakistani Students

Thousands of international students who are locked out of China are growing increasingly frustrated with the uncertainty hanging over their futures. This is happening with the thousands of international students locked out of China since March 2020. Many have lost their PhD degrees because they weren’t able to meet the requirements of their labs. More than 11,000 students are desperate.

Politicians played us, anchors after alot of requests gave us 5 Mins of their shows, Pak Embassy China, FO & ministers says their hands r tired. FM is too busy, Education minister says its not in our hands & the rest won’t listen to us. My Name is Dr.Muhammad Anas Bin Ikhlaque and I will not support Skipper, Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi until he resolves the issue of 7000 Pakistani students studying in China.

We are vaccinated and we ready to do what the Chinese government ask but they don’t feel interested in students sadly. I wish if leader like Quaid-e-Azam be here , the issue of international students who can’t go back to China from January 2020 would be solve earlier. This government must listen to students who are studying in but stranded in Pakistan. We are making you requests since long time but not recieved any positive response from your side. What we should expect from you now if you even not bother to listen us?

International students studying at Chinese universities have lost 2 years. We’ve been banned since Mar, 2020. SJTU University Official Notice. You guys can send it to your respected university office to confirmation and ask them about return policy. Students are receiving messages from their Chinese universities about need of epidemic prevention and control. They are asking the students to not to enter the country without permission from the school and to obey the school regulations.

To the tens of 1000s of international students who left China in 2019 for Winter Solstice / Christmas holidays or for Lunar New Year 2020 and still cannot return due to Chinese Covid19 travel bans, I send you best wishes and good hope but also say do not give up on a PlanB in a more open nation. I hope that Chinese government would also listen to these pleas and do something about it.

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