Who is Talha Anjum and What Happened to Him

Who is Talha Anjum and What Happened to Him

Not a fan of Talha Anjum , but disrespecting someone over his physical appearance is the worst u can do to your “Akhlaaqiat”. Someone threw something on talha anjum during Islamabad concert. No matter he is good or bad, did right or wrong , but what people are doing just to look cool is certainly the lowest. Young stunners’s concert in Islamabad was ruined. Cant wait for talha anjum to diss islamabadis in his next songs. The video of Talha Anjum concert is going viral.

Is anyone else really disappointed in Talha Anjum after watching that video where he threatens a guy while standing behind an army of guards? Why did that person throw bottle at Talha Anjum. Body shaming someone is totally wrong . Idk this guy Talha Anjum but nobody has the right to insult or disrespect one on the basis of one’s physical appearance. This man waited for talha anjum’s concert went there just to throw a water bottle on him.

If there was a female singer instead of talha anjum ,we wouldn’t be having memes for sure. If you don’t like and artist just don’t go their concerts is it too hard to do and not talha anjum putting these burgers in their place, king behaviour. Someone please teach islamabadi people how to respect an artist. These some Islamabadi educated mannerless people don’t know to respect an artist. So hatred by em and got exactly what he deserved.

Stop with the Talha Anjum memes, they’re not even funny. You guys are so sick for making memes on talha anjum just bec he yelled at someone disrespecting him when he was there for the audience doing his job. Imagine this happening to you and you all will go on write threads about mental health. Some are body shaming talha anjum, some are busy criticising people for wishing others Christmas, some are busy posting pictures, some are busy wishing Jinnah and nawaz sharif “happy birthday” and some are just witnessing it all from a distance and chilling (me).

Islamabad never disappoints.


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