All You Need to Know About Prize Bond 7 Star

All You Need to Know About Prize Bond 7 Star

So we don’t have cotton but our major export is textile, we don’t have public transport so our major import is prize bond cars, and our agriculture yields are low so we import food but won’t control population. PKR ko izzat do. Has the govt ever thought of cutting down on car imports for some time, save FX and use it to create public transport that can also act as long term subsidy. The dream to own a car is toxic and unhealthy obsession. Especially when its treated as a prize bond.

All these fintech startups someone pls digitize the prize bond investment process. It has always intrigued me but I never bought because i don’t wanna go to banks and fill forms and stuff for it. Prize bond days are apparently over FY 20 Net Selling in prize bonds by 159b Rs FY21 Net selling in prize bond by 172 b RS. Prize Bond Schedule 2022 – Prize Bond Dates From January 2022 to December 2022.


Rs 200 prize bond list 2020 announced today in Rawalpindi (Tuesday), December 15, 2020.
1st Prize bond Winner: 699479
2nd Prize bond Winner’s:
072451, 282656, 720562, 991452, 996251,

The Rs40,000 prize bond was the most expensive of the eight denominations the government offered — Rs100 being the cheapest.

It was discontinued due to fears of the bond’s use in money laundering and terror financing

Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000 Prize Bond Results.

It has been found that the above-mentioned duo DSP Hussain and ASI Khalid running an org and systematic network which provides to vice dens and organised crimes like bookies, gambling, bootleggers, prize-bond dealers akra-parchi and foreign exchange dealers


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