Call Grilled Number Lahore Islamabad Karachi

Call Grilled Number Lahore Islamabad Karachi

If you don’t know where to find call grilled number Lahore or in Karachi or Islamabad or any city of Pakistan then you are at the right place my friend. guys it ok to say my voice is nice just don’t call me a anime girl, if u think my voice is pretty then thanks! its not against my boundaries to saying that! I’ve seen a lot of confusion with it. it is also ok to say cute! it is a complement so thanks!

why do people even say that. When I first heard he voice, i thought it’s very cute :] ur so cool + btw i was binge watching ur animations it gives me kinda comfort. I’m sorry you have to see people going against your boundaries, but i do think your voice is pretty. your voice is really cute keep doing what your doing. Do people not realize the weird undertones of saying you sound like an “anime girl”.

And even if they mean it innocently, its still just a weird thing to say to someone either way. I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable with us saying your voice is pretty but it really is! it’s wonderful and it matches your personality your so cool. The truth is that you’re voice reminds me of the rock. I cant tell if you’ve answered this before, but are you generally fine with more masculine compliments being used on you, if not completely understandable?

Your voice is pretty nice to listen to. Is pretty unique too and you have nothing to feel uncomfortable for it. You’re legit one of the coolest people and I think your voice fits you, it does have a cute vibe but it fits the fearless you carry with you just as well. Your voice is calming in a non creepy way. Imagine if you stream reading bed time stories. People need to respect the differences. My voice is high pitch for me.

Saying people have an anime voice isn’t as much of a compliment as you think. I found your voice incredibly cute and it makes my day every time I hear it. Your voice is very calming and peaceful to me, I think that’s really pretty. Now that we’re on this topic your voice is really pretty and I love hearing it! Especially when you get jump scared and scream it’s so funny. Just keep it going and don’t worry at all.

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