Gujranwala Beach ARY Laguna Gujranwala Prices Plots

Gujranwala Beach ARY Laguna Gujranwala Prices Plots

Gujranwala will have its own beach very soon. ARY Laguna Gujranwala prices of plots are reasonable and the opening is just around the corner. What if the ocean is hundreds of miles away from Gujranwala, ARY is all set to bring the ocean or at least a beach to Gujranwala very soon.

But the citizens of Gujranwala are not happy. Not just because that they know that they won’t be able to afford it but because of various other civic issues. One person said,”We don’t have access to drinking water. This will lower the water table by 10 more feet”. Others are rightly pointing out that first provide people clean drinking water, clean the garbage and then think about such luxuries.

This is very common, they will make a big pond and then will do the construction. For a reference check Jumairah Island Dubai. They did construction in cluster shaped and covered those clusters with water. It certainly seems like a pipe dream though as just like there are six lane highways and beautiful parks in Government planning books, probably the same marketing department is at work here.

On a lighter side, it seems they have wiped out the rain water out of Gujranwala with the help of a wiper. And eventually that water became the sea. Now look at the picture again. Or may be ARY channel is capable of showing a sea in Gujranwala. Its not the first time ARY made false claims to fool public. How is there a freaking ocean in the middle of Punjab? ARY employees are drunk? May be they have turned all heaps of garbage into an ocean.

ARY laguna Karachi or elsewhere will be biggest scam in Pakistan’s real estate history.

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