True Story of Wajeeha Swati and Rizwan Habib

True Story of Wajeeha Swati and Rizwan Habib

For weeks police was doing nothing regarding this case. Case solved within couple of days after US embassy staff meeting with top police officers of Rawalpindi police. Another Noor Maqadam. Ah Riasat e Madina. Ex Husband confessed he killed the missing US citizen. The real dispute between the accused Rizwan and his ex-wife was over property and this is apparently the reason for the murder.

The body of Wajeeha Swati, an American citizen murdered by her husband was found at an abandoned house in Lakki Marwat’s Darra Pezo area – Warghar. The hometown of her husbands second wife. A team of Punjab Police was handed over the body from the area. Rizwan Habib murdered Wajeeha Swati in October when her family and lawyer constantly approached police but they didn’t get any adequate response. After more than 2 months Wajeeha’s dead body was recovered just because of American Embassy pressure.

Wajeeha was abducted from near the surroundings of Morghan. Her first husband was also murdered in a target killing incident in Pakistan some years back. The victim Wajiha Swati did not want to come to Pakistan but the accused sent her a letter of property transfer and said that I have to transfer it in your name. Please come and sign it.

Wajiha Swati, 46, hails from Abbottabad, Pakistan. She had lived in the United States for many years and this time came to Pakistan for only four days. They have three sons, the eldest of whom is 22 years old and currently residing in the United States, while the two sons, aged 15 and 10, are temporarily residing in the United Kingdom at their aunt’s home. Wajiha also runs her husband’s surgical instrument business and used to invest in the property sector. He had a Masters in Business Administration.

Wajiha first met Rizwan as a broker in the UAE. According to Wajiha’s brother-in-law Maqsood Ahmed, Wajiha came to visit us in England for a few days after seven years and then a few days later she told us that Rizwan had taken her home with her money and told her that three months later I will name you, but then I did not name the house. “We were told by Wajiha that Rizwan had registered the vehicles he had bought with his money and allegedly tried to kill him in Hangu in September 2020 by giving him some medicine,” he said.

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