Free Rapid Antigen Test in Karachi Lahore Peshawar Islamabad

Free Rapid Antigen Test in Karachi Lahore Peshawar Islamabad

Now you can get free rapid antigen test in Karachi Lahore Peshawar Islamabad AJK FATA and Balochistan and bookings are online. More Pakistanis will have access to the antigen covid tests now everywhere and you can order antigen kits online from amazon and other places.

I have been using the system. You get topped up after every year depending upon your reported income. I think as it is insurance so 10lakh will be annual and will cover the whole family. Same happens here. Every year on Ist of July the amount resets its self. So if you want to travel outside of Pakistan or need the rapid covid test result, then you need RAT in Pakistan. RAT test is rapid antigen test and available in Agha Khan and various other hospitals of the country for free of cost. RATs will now be subject to price-gouging regulations, and cannot be sold for more than 120% of the wholesale price.

Government should make sure that antigen test is available as per Sehat card. If rapid antigen tests are our way out of the pandemic, then its a vital health care item that should be freely available for all under Sehat card scheme. We should support in calling for free rapid antigen tests for people with a disability, their families, carers and support workers. We’re calling for the nation’s governments to deliver free rapid antigen testing, increased resourcing and N95 masks for people with disability, their families and workforce. Without a free and freely available regime of rapid antigen testing for disability support workers, families and carers, people with disability who are clinically vulnerable to COVID could die.

Because it is a useless idea for countries like Pakistan in fact it is the way to promote private health system. The most important question is can we actually afford this as a country given our current economic situation? Health insurance with an annual upper limit for the employees is a standard practice in private sector organizations. The same concept is being applied for general public in the lower income group.

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